Boulders in Cape Town

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African penguins at Boulders beach, Simon's Town

African penguin – Boulders Beach.

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Boulders Beach near Simon's Town Cape Town. African Penguins

Boulders Beach – African Penguins

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Often present in fynbos around Boulders Beach Simon's Town

Cape Robin-chat

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Karoo Prinia


Bird watching day tours around Cape Town can include three or more of the venues on our day tour list. 

For birdwatching in Cape Town, this protected beach, situated near historical Simon’s Town, is a priority on most birders’ to-do list.

The viewing and photographing of the endangered African penguin at Boulders can only be rated as excellent and is a must for the wildlife enthusiast. Hours can be spent watching the birds in this picturesque setting, either in the sea, trundling about on the golden sand, in their burrows or under bushes in the surrounding thickets.

Other bird species to be found in the vegetation on the way to the viewing areas include Karoo Prinia, Southern Boubou, Cape Bunting and Speckled Mousebird.

Cormorants and Terns can be spotted soaring over the water or sitting on the giant granite boulders that protect the secluded beach.